Rock Island Conservation Club

P. O. Box 3733, Rock Island, Illinois 61204-3733

All violations are subject to review of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

GENERAL RULES:                                                                                                                          Revised 2014

  1. Your membership card must be in your possession at all times while on club property and you must show the card if challenged to do so. Vehicle window decal must be displayed on the windshield below the rear view mirror. Current sticker must be affixed by March 1.
  2. Any family member who becomes 18 years old must have his or her own membership by the next year. They may not use the family card. (Family is considered immediate family)
  3. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is a member and who has a current membership card.
  4. Any member may bring a guest(s) to the club. The MEMBER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GUEST(S) and visits are limited to that one person one (1) time per year. Also, if any club member wants to have more than ten (10) guests at any one time, prior approval must be obtained from the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month.
  5. The club is not liable to club members or their guest(s) for injuries, damages, or  theft to their personal property while on the Club grounds.
  6. There will be NO SWIMMING/WADING IN CLUB LAKES AT ANY TIME. This includes pets.
  7. ENTER and EXIT club grounds through DESIGNATED fence and gate openings for person or vehicle access.  Cutting or damaging fences is strictly prohibited. If gate requires closing after entering and exiting, it is your responsibility to do so.
  8. ALL pets must be physically restrained AT ALL TIMES on club property.
  9. Trees, shrubs, buildings and wildlife are not to be damaged in any way.
  10. Mini-bikes, ATV’s, go-carts, snowmobiles, etc. are not permitted on club grounds unless authorized by BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  11. No glass containers are allowed on club grounds.
  12. No littering or dumping shall be allowed. This includes firewood dropped without permission. ALL trash shall be placed in trash containers and designated recycling containers (aluminum, plastic, tin) except for paper, or removed from club grounds by a member or guest(s).
  13. The speed limit on grounds shall not exceed 15 MPH.
  14. No fireworks or sparklers are allowed on club grounds at any time.
  15. It is the Member’s responsibility to report address change to Membership Chairman. Newsletters cannot be forwarded.
  16. Signs will be posted in Camping Center as to any restrictions that should arise. Such as lake closings, fire ban, etc.
  17. It is the RICC Club member’s responsibility to notify the membership chair of any address, phone, email changes.

FISHING and Activities on Club Grounds:

  1. A valid Illinois Fishing License is required to fish on club lakes and must be on your possession. Members and guest(s) must abide by ALL Illinois laws.
  2. People fishing on the boat docks must give right-of-way to boaters launching and docking boats.
  3. No parking or camping near boat ramps
  4. No BB guns, pellet buns, rifles, air guns, crossbows, spears, gigs or ammunition is permitted on club grounds. Shotguns and bow and arrows are allowed only on supervised ranges.
  5. Bank lines and unattended lines are not allowed.
  6. No hunting, shooting or trapping of any kind allowed on club grounds.
  7. Please observe size and limits to the following fish:
    1. Largemouth Bass: minimum size 20” Creel 1 with recommendation for total catch and release
    2. White & Hybrid Striped Bass: minimum size 17” Creel 1
    3. Catfish: minimum size 14” Creel 6
    4. Crappie: minimum size 9” Creel 10
    5. Walleye: minimum size 15” Creel 3
  8. Fishing shall not be permitted during work hours on ANY SCHEDULED WORK DAY (volunteer day) AND on the East Lake on days of Gun Hunter’s Safety classes AND on any other events as approved by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.



  1. Club members may use their boats on club lakes and leave their boats on club grounds on the assigned slots with the understanding that the club shall not be held liable for any property left on club grounds. Member must check on their boats on a regular basis (at lease once a month especially during flooding seasons).
  2. Boats left on the boat assignment slots must be registered with the caretaker via a form filled out which is located in the camping center. All boats left on the assigned slot areas are to be turned over so they do not fill with water/ice/snow etc. No boats are to be left on the club grounds at any time without being registered with the caretaker.
  3. Members must be alert for rising and flooding waters. Boats may not be left on grassy areas that can be mowed or within 20 feet of boat ramps.
  4. All boats left on the grounds shall have the member’s name affixed to their boat with LETTER STICKERS (not marker), at least 2 inches high, on the stern.
  5. All boats shall be equipped with proper safety equipment (STATE LAW) and registered with your  home state and have CURRENT state stickers affixed. If  it cannot be registered with the state, it cannot be allowed on club lakes. No sails are allowed.
  6. Only electric trolling motors shall be allowed for use on club lakes. Gasoline motors are permitted on boat but shall NOT be operated at any time, unless approved by BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  7. No floating devices such as inner tubes allowed.


Club members may camp on grounds free for 30 days per year. After this time, requests for additional time must be presented in person to and approved by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS at the monthly meeting.

  1. To avoid damage to the grass, camp sites shall be moved at least 25 feet from original campsite every 3 consecutive days for tents and 5 days for trailers.
  2. Camping units must not be left unoccupied for more than 4 hours. During storms, tents will be removed from the grounds if you are not camping. If Caretaker finds the site unattended, personnel has the right to gather items and hold on to them to present this situation to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and therefore, you must attend the monthly meeting in person to get them back.
  3. Generators, radios or any other loud noises are not permitted between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  4. Dump station is available for club member campers only. Dumping or leakage of raw sewage on club grounds is prohibited.
  5. Caretaker will monitor camping periods and report to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS  any overstays or violations.
  6. Only club members are allowed to use their own camper or tents (2 units per family). Guests are NOT allowed to bring in their own tent or camper. Club members may camp free, but must register at the Camping Center by completing a camp permit upon arrival at the club grounds and have permit displayed on the camper or tent.
  7. Campfires must be contained in a fire ring, shall not be left unattended, and must be cleaned up after use. Bottles, cans, garbage, construction materials and any other non-burnable items shall not be put in fire rings. NO campfire ring shall be moved.
  8. Club members cannot pull camping units or pitch tents within 50 feet if a pavilion. The pavilions are for picnicking only.
  9. Campsites must be 15 feet from the road. Camp fires must be 20 feet from any buildings or tents.
  10. Club reserves the right to prohibit fires during dry periods.
  11. No camping in any area posted as NO CAMPING BEYOND THIS POINT.
  13. Any of the above rules may be amended at any time by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS without prior notification to membership.

A club member who breaks any rule must attend monthly meeting in person and is subject to disciplinary action by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS up to, and including dismissal from the club without reimbursement