2016 Memberships Available!!

Message from the Membership Chair:

ROB MEYERS 309-644-0754   email:

Memberships for 2016 are off and running.

Please help make the job easier and avoid delays by making sure you “PRINT” all information on the application for membership, and avoid using cursive. Also please use the 2016 forms.  I suggest that when you receive your new stickers and membership cards, that you keep track of them and not lose them. We do NOT hand out replacement cards and we have a limited number of extra stickers purchased. So keep track of your membership and sticker.

We are now networking our membership list between our membership chair, caretaker, rental chair, and president. They will have the most updated membership list so that they can verify current members.

Tell your friends to get their memberships in and here’s to a great 2016 start.

Quick links:         Membership Benefits       RICC MEMBERSHIP 2016 Membership form